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Sir Tony Robinson - Read for Good Patron

Sir Tony RobinsonWe are delighted that the wonderful Sir Tony Robinson is patron of Read for Good. Passionate about reading, and the art of storytelling, Tony spent his childhood sneaking off to the library to immerse himself in books.  He is drawn to Readathon because it allows children to read what they want, how they want and without being tested at the end of it!

"I read all the time as a child, and not just books.  I loved reading the backs of cereal packs, jamjar labels, sauce bottles... anything! So you'll understand that for more me one of the best things about Readathon is that the kids involved can read whatever they like."


We are thrilled to have the support of Sir Tony. 


Authors Support Readathon

Picture of Roald Dahl by Quentin BlakeWhy do so many authors, poets and illustrators support Readathon? Because it encourages children to enjoy reading for pleasure and brings them benefits that last a lifetime. That's why they're happy to lend their names to our cause.

Readathon's first ever Honorary Chairman was the legendary Roald Dahl. That's one of the reasons we now raise money for the charity founded in his memory: Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity. After his death in 1990, this role was taken up by his long-time collaborator Sir Quentin Blake, who the following year was named Children's Laureate. They were among the first in a long line of authors and illustrators to appreciate the value of Readathon.

Photo of Julia Donaldson, Children's LaureateJulia Donaldson, former Children's Laureate:"Inspiring children to read is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. I'd recommend Readathon to any school or group."

Michael Rosen, children's writer, performance poet, broadcaster and academic: "It's great if you can read... but the question is: do you read? If you do, the world is yours. This is what Readathon is all about."

Anthony Horowitz, children's author: "I love the fact that Readathon simply encourages and enthuses about reading.  If you do read, you will end up the better for it."

Quentin Blake, illustrator, Children's laureate 1999-2001: "Readathon is absolutely fantastic, it’s a brilliant way to get children reading. It works every time."

Spike Milligan, comedian, actor and writer: "Books open up the windows of the mind while habitual television can brick them up. The more books children read the better. Reading is like jogging for the brain. Get your feet up, kids, and get reading! Good luck to Readathon."

Susan Hampshire, actress and children's author: "I didn't discover the joys of reading until late in life because I am dyslexic. I feel I missed so much because of this, so I'm naturally whole-heartedly behind Readathon. It is a wonderful way of encouraging children to read."

Frank Delaney, novelist, journalist & broadcaster"I wish somebody had sponsored me for the hours I spent reading when I as a lad... It is such a good idea to sponsor children reading... The point about Readathon is that it is both an enjoyable and beneficial sponsorship for those taking part - no hardship, no sore feet, no wet clothes, just lots of lovely books, knowledge gained painlessly and unconsciously and enjoyment all the way."