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American school TASIS is congratulated on yet another Readathon success

Readathon at TASIS, the American School in SurreyOn 7th December, Lower School children at TASIS, the American School in Surrey, were congratulated on completing yet another successful Readathon by special guest James Fitzpatrick, Chief Executive of Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity (RDMCC).

RDMCC is one of the charities to benefit from the sponsorship money raised by children who take part in Readathon, the UK's sponsored reading event for schools.

In a special celebration assembly, the school's top ten fundraisers were each given a personal special certificate of thanks and Mr Fitzpatrick was presented with a giant cheque for the sponsorship money raised by the school.

Mr Fitzpatrick thanked the Lower School for their diligence and explained to them how their sponsorship money will be used.

“Because of children like you, and all the hard work that you have done and money you have raised, we can enable children who are sick or disabled to have a better life," he said.  "On behalf of Readathon, and all of the children that you have helped with this donation, I would like to thank you, as they could not be here today.”

Lower school librarian Jordan Kominsky has ensured that Readathon is supported each year, with approximately £7,000 raised over the past 5 years at TASIS. He is very proud of the work that the children do, putting the success of the fundraising effort down to the students alone.

“Our conscientious students are the people that make this happen," he says.

Readathon congratulates all concerned on such a fine result and would like to say a special thank you to Mr Kominsky for his long-term support and attention to detail in making Readathon such a success at TASIS. 

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