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Children Invited to Enter New Writing Competition

We're pleased to invite all Readathon supporters to enter a new writing competition organised by HarperCollins, publisher of Sarah Lean's amazing debut novel, "A dog called Homeless", about love, loss and the extraordinary connection between a girl and a very special dog:

Book cover of A dog called Homeless‘My name is Cally Louise Fisher and I haven't spoken for thirty-one days. Talking doesn’t always make things happen, however much you want it to...’

Cally Fisher saw her mum bright and real and alive. But no one believes her, so Cally’s stopped talking. A mysterious wolfhound always seems to be there when her mum appears and now he’s started following her everywhere. But how can Cally convince anyone that Mum is still with them, or persuade Dad that the huge silver-grey dog is their last link with her?

What would you do if you had something important to say - but couldn’t find a way to say it? If you could tell a story about your favourite pet – like Cally’s – what would it be? It can be your dog, or an animal that belongs to one of your family or friends. Just tell us your story in 500 words or less, and you could be in with the chance of winning one of three iPod Touches and having your story published on the book's official website:!

To enter, simply head over here to email your story to HarperCollins before the closing date of 30th July 2012. 

Good luck!

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