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The Kindness of Children at The Corbet School

The shield of The Corbet School, Shrewsbury, ShropshireAt the Readathon office, we're always touched by great feedback from young readers whose schools have run a Readathon sponsored read. In the run-up to Christmas and the season of goodwill, it's been especially heartwarming to receive a message this morning from The Corbet School, a Shrewsbury secondary school.

These fabulous quotes from Year 7 readers show that not only did they enjoy their reading, they were also highly motivated by being empowered to help children less fortunate than themselves.

Pupils of The Corbet School enjoy reading for Readathon "I loved Readathon, I loved the experience and that we have raised so much money. What an opportunity I have had in my childhood to be able to raise money for children who are ill! I have made everyone in my family proud and I hope that I have made the children who are ill very happy. I hope I have put a smile on their faces because I have a smile on my face!" (Amy M)

"I enjoyed Readathon. I am happy because I met my Readathon target and I am so pleased that we have helped those less fortunate." (Dominic B)

"I think it was an amazing experience and I really enjyoed it. I hope they do it every year! It made you want to push yourself and read more books." (Alex W)

"Readathon is really good. I don't really like reading but I enjoyed Readathon because it was for people who needed it. I hope all the money we raised will help a lot. It was an opportunity to show that reading can change people's lives. I am happy with what we raised. Everyone enjoyed reading to help people. Thank you to everyone who got sponsors and everyone who sponsored someone." (Katie H)

"Readathon was a very good experience and it all goes to a good cause. Everybody just lit up with happiness when we found out how much money we had raised. If you ever get a chance to take part in a Readathon, take it!" (George W)



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