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13 March 2012 at 11:50

Build A Book logoReadathon was delighted to be invited to provide the judges for a creative writing competition run by Build A Book, which provides creative writing workshops for Gloucestershire primary school children.

Entrants were invited to colour in a snowy scene and write a paragraph inspired by the picture. The many fabulous entries were judged by two children's authors who work for Readathon, Brough Girling and Francesca Stich.

Three lucky winners each received the prize of a free place on a Build A Book workshop, plus lots of Build A Book goodies. In first place was Madison (7) from Leckhampton School with "Just the Way Mr Snowman likes it". A close second was Daniel (8) of Lakeside Primary School and his "Golden Penguin". Lewis (11) of Warden Hill Primary School was in third place with "Slicing through the icy snow". 

Here's Madison's winning story:

"One frosty and cold day - just the way Mr Snowman liked it - some children ran out and said, "It's snowing!" So they put on a woolly scarf and a cuddly hat and a warm coat. Then the two boys started having a snow ball fight by Mr Snowman. He was terrified. Then some children went tobogganing down the hill. Mr Snowman will be squashed! Suddenly he started to move..." 

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