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Send us your Readathon photo to WIN a variety of books for your school library

24 February 2015 at 12:19


For your chance to WIN a variety of books for your school library (50 books) send us a photo that best captures your school’s Readathon. Pupils reading in unusual places, reading trees, piles of books – whatever snaps you take we’d love to see them! Tweet, facebook or email your entries to or you can post your photos to Readathon, Nailsworth Mills, Avening Road, Nailsworth, GL6 0BS with your school’s name and post code on the back. We’ll select two winning photos at random from KS1/KS2 (junior) and KS3 (secondary) categories. This free prize draw is open to all Readathon participating schools and you can enter as many photos as you like.

All entries to be received by Friday 1st May 2015. 

Good Luck!

For inspiration here’s a reminder of last year’s winners!

Cumbernauld Primary School, G68 0EL

Cumbernauld Primary School

The Commonwheel, Swindon

The Commonwheel School, Swindon

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Closing date to receive photos: Friday 1st May 2015. All photos received will be entered into a free prize draw to win a variety of age relevant books (maximum 50). The winning entries will be drawn at random after the closing date and the schools will be notified by Friday 8.5.15. All photos received are the property of Readathon and may be used by us in full or in part for future marketing materials, so please ensure you have followed your school's photo permission policy before submitting your entries. Your school may also be named.

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'When You Can Read' a poem by Nimra Aged 7

02 December 2014 at 12:03


We love this poem written by Nimra, aged 7. 



"My daughter Nimra became   particularly engaged in reading   after Readathon was introduced to her in February this year. Since, Nimra's reading has gone from strength to strength and she has developed a real passion for reading."

 Sumeera, Proud Mum


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Another Great Reason to Run a Readathon

12 September 2013 at 11:04

Mr Hall of East Boldon Primary School with his Readathon testimonialWhen Key Stage 2 teacher David Hall of East Boldon Primary School tweeted a picture of himself proudly holding up his testimonial, we thought we should share it, to remind our wonderful Readathon organisers realise that they will be getting this small token of our appreciation in their official Readathon Reward Pack.

The Readathon Reward Pack

Every school that sends us sponsorship money and sponsorship cards will receive a Readathon Reward Pack containing:

  • a Scholastic Books voucher worth 20% of the school's sponsorship money, for you to buy new books for your school library
  • a certificate for you to display showing your sponsorship total
  • a personalised testimonial certificate for the Readathon organiser
  • 2 x £5 book tokens to reward YOUR most deserving pupils
  • a registration card to order another pack for the next academic year

The 2 x £5 tokens are an added bonus for Readathons taking place in the academic year 2013-2014, thanks to the generosity of National Book Tokens.

We aim to despatch each Readathon Reward Pack within three weeks of receipt of a school's donation, so if you've waiting longer than that for yours, please let us know and we'll investigate!

If you'd like a Readathon Resource Pack but haven't ordered yours yet for this academic year, you can do so now - either register on this website or call us on 0845 606 1151. 

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National Book Tokens Add Bonus to Every Readathon

07 June 2013 at 09:34

National Book Tokens logoNext academic year (2013-2014), National Book Tokens will be generously supporting Readathon by providing two £5 book tokens to every school that raises more than £50 with a Readathon sponsored read.

These tokens will be in addition to the Scholastic Book Clubs voucher currently granted to each school worth 20% of its total donation, to be used to purchase new books for the school.  

National Book Tokens to Reward Two Best Pupils

Each school's Readathon organiser should use these National Book tokens to reward the two pupils who are deemed to have made the best contribution to the school's Readathon sponsored read.

This doesn't necessarily mean the students who have raised the most money, as not all pupils have equal opportunities. Nor should the tokens be given automatically to the two children who have read the most books. For reluctant readers, reading a single book may be a greater achievement than reading 10 for an already avid reader. Readathon is not a competitive reading challenge - it is simply about reading for pleasure.

Instead teachers might reward the two pupils who: 

  • have the best attitude to reading
  • have the most improved attitude to reading
  • are the most helpful to the school's Readathon organiser
  • are the most supportive to reluctant readers or pupils who find reading challenging
  • share books with younger children to encourage them to read
  • devise the most interesting or original theme for their Readathon reading list

It will be interesting to see what creative uses schools make of their National Book Tokens.

Many Benefits of National Book Tokens

"We are absolutely delighted to receive this generous sponsorship from National Book Tokens, which will give teachers and librarians everywhere the chance to say a special thank you to exceptional Readathon readers," says Justine Daniels, Readathon's Executive Director. 

"We know that our Readathon organisers will already be aware of the universal appeal of National Book Tokens, not least because many of them already buy book tokens as Speech Day prizes.

"Just as we do, Readathon organisers will have fond memories of receiving National Book Tokens as children, recalling the pleasure, excitement and empowerment of being able to go into your local bookshop and choose a brand new book.

"Awarding National Book Tokens therefore seems the perfect way to reward Readathon's young reading stars. They will be very acceptable to pupils of all ages, in primary or secondary schools.

"We're thrilled also to have the opportunity to drive more children into high street booksellers. Independent bookshops play a significant part in encouraging children to love reading and so to accrue the many lifelong benefits that good reading habits bring to the individual - a message that is at the core of everything we do here at Readathon."

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How Did Your School Celebrate World Book Day?

19 March 2013 at 10:05

Claremont Primary School's reading leader and pupil dress up for World Book Day 2013There can't be many schools in this country who didn't know that last Thursday was World Book Day. At Readathon we're enjoying catching up with how everyone celebrated reading for pleasure on that special day.

First up on our website to share their World Book Day news is Claremont Primary School in Blackpool, one of the hundreds of schools all over England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales who chose World Book Day to run a Readathon sponsored read. From the list of events sent to us by Mrs Barr, Claremont's Reading Leader, (pictured here as Mr Stink with her son as The Boy in a Dress) their day was action-packed, making reading fun for everyone!

"As well as taking part in our Readathon sponsored read, each child came dressed as a character from a book they liked, and they presented their character and their book in an assembly for book prizes. We also included a home reading challenge, peer reads, small group reads and quiet individual reads. Each year group made a reading tree, which parents then came in to see."

Of course, World Book Day is a fab time to start or finish your Readathon, although you can run a Readathon at any time of year. Just register on line and we'll send you your free resource pack.

What did your school do for World Book Day this year? Please send us your stories and photos and we'll display the best on our website!

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Visiting Dog Helps Children To Read

21 December 2012 at 10:27

Deborah and Pippa the dog from Dogs Helping KidsWe've just had an unusual guest in the Readathon office: one with four legs and a wet nose!

Pippa the dog and her owner Deborah Neame, from the charity Dogs Helping Kids, came to demonstrate how reading to dogs can improve children’s literacy skills. It is especially helpful to reluctant readers and to young readers who lack confidence and and enthusiasm, but all children of all ages may benefit.

Half Labrador, half Dalmation, Pippa is a naturally calm and comforting presence, but even so, extensive training is required to turn a suitable dog into a safe, consistent and purposeful DHK dog.

The training includes teaching the dogs to treat books and readers with interest, respect and undivided attention, and to tolerate children’s behaviour. DHK dogs must also learn to reward the young reader at the end of each session, such as pressing a button on a device that speaks a message and doing amusing tricks.

Children enjoying reading to a dog from Dogs Helping Kids“It was easy to find young volunteers to help with Pippa’s demonstration!” explains Justine, Readathon's director.

Two boys from nearby Amberley Parochial Primary School, an avid Readathon supporter, took it in turns to read to Pippa.

Looking on, their Headmaster Pete Godfrey commented: “I was very impressed with this demonstration and can see how effective this approach would be within a school environment.”

Supporting children’s reading in primary and secondary schools is just part of a much wider educational and therapeutic brief for DHK, which was founded in North Devon by Tracey Berridge. A qualified professional Canine Behaviour Counsellor. Tracy earned her Master's Postgraduate Degree in 'Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling'. Her thesis about the effects of using dogs in the school environment identified tremendous benefits of introducing dogs into schools. These include teaching children non-violence, empathy, respect, kindness, love, responsibility, friendship and trust. In the long term, DHK aims to have a dog in every school in the UK. In the meantime, it is busy raising awareness, fundraising and recruiting and training suitable dogs. 

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New School Year, New School Readathon!

12 October 2012 at 09:53

Girl enjoying reading a good bookAs primary and secondary schools all over the UK approach half term, many have already kicked off their Readathon this year, giving even the most reluctant readers the chance to discover reading for pleasure.

Click on Blaenau Community Primary School to see a lovely photo and newspaper report about a school in Ammanford, Wales kicking off their Readathon, in which the children may choose to read any books they like.

For a fab collection of photos of the brilliant Hobbit Readathon - and some inspiration on running Readathons on specific themes - click on Forrester High School in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Which kind of Readathon will your school choose?

Please remember: you need to order a new Readathon pack every time you want to run a school Readathon - we don't automatically send you one if you ran one last year. This is to make sure you get the right quantity of materials for your current pupil roll and also to avoid potential waste. That in turn helps us donate more money to the children's charities that you help us to fund!

To order your Readathon pack for this year, please click here.

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Small School Does Great Things

28 May 2012 at 13:27

Photo of The Trossachs Primary School, ScotlandTrossachs Primary School in Brig O'Turk, Scotland, is proof that you don't have to be a big school to do great things! With just 4 pupils on the roll, it has run a very successful Readathon sponsored read, with each pupil pledging to read "as many books as I can in three weeks!"

Between them they have raised an amazing £110, which will help make life better for seriously ill children. Well done!

No school is too small to take part in a Readathon sponsored read - or too big, either! To order our free resource pack for your school, please click here.

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Small School Has Big Success

27 April 2012 at 11:44

Photo of whole school enjoying a bedtime story

With just 15 pupils, Ollaberry Primary School in Shetland proves that you don't have to be a big school to enjoy a successful Readathon.

During the School's Book Week, which kicked off just after World Book Day,pupils read for an average of 301 minutes per pupil, totalling 3,921 minutes in all - that's nearly three solid days! 

Their reading-related activities were as follows:

  • pupils and staff brought in their pyjamas for a "bedtime story" session
  • the children had a nice surprise when three guest storytellers came to visit
  • the youngest class read the book "The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark" and sewed their own felt Plop baby Barn Owls
  • everyone enjoyed a wonderful book-themed dinner of "Mrs Grinling's Fish n' Chips" from The Lighthouse Keeper books and "Willie Wonka's Chocolate Cupcakes" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • all pupils were also given World Book Day vouchers to spend on books

Brilliant ideas that we are sure other schools will love to share! Congratulations to everyone at Ollaberry who made their event such a resounding success!

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Roald Dahl voted children's favourite author

13 March 2012 at 10:02

Roald Dahl portrait by Quentin BlakeReadathon's former Chairman Roald Dahl has been voted favourite children's author in a survey by the Teachit Primary website. Joint second were current Children's Laureate Julia Donaldson and JK Rowling. Julia Donaldson's "The Gruffalo" was voted best children's book.

All of these authors feature frequently on the lists of books chosen by primary school children for their Readathon sponsored read. Some especially prolific readers have even volunteered to read all of Roald Dahl's children's books or the complete Harry Potter series.

But Readathon participants are not obliged to read on this scale. Our sponsored reading scheme - the only UK national sponsored reading event - is designed to be accessible to readers of all ranges of ability. 

"With Readathon, each child chooses their own reading material," explains Brough Girling, Readathon founder. "For some children, especially struggling or reluctant readers, completing just one book of any kind will be a real achievement. But the most important thing about Readathon is that it makes them realise that reading is fun. This encourages them to read for pleasure, a habit proven to provide substantial lifelong benefits."

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PTAs Love Readathon!

26 January 2012 at 10:09

Cover and pages from PTA UK magazine feature on readingThe Spring 2012 issue of PTA-UK magazine highlights Readathon as an ideal, easy-to-run project for PTAs.  

Some of the Readathon offce team are PTA members for their children's schools, so we know just how valuable these organisations are!

Although most schools' Readathons are run by teachers, we welcome applications from PTA volunteers who are helping to promote literacy or organising PSHE-related activities. A Readathon is also a great way to acquire new books for the school library without using the school budget or PTA funds.

Readathon is suitable for children of all ages, so whether your PTA is associated with a primary school or a secondary school, we'll be pleased to hear from you.

PTA-UK is the national charity representing over 13,600 PTAs across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

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Small School Gets Big Results!

10 October 2011 at 11:12

Swell Primary School Readathon readersWith just 30 pupils in its two classes, the tiny Swell Primary School in Lower Swell, in rural Gloucestershire, has made a complete triumph out of its first ever Readathon sponsored read.  

Between them the children at this little village school have raised £216, entitling them to a free book voucher worth £43.20, which will provide a welcome boost to the school's library facilities.

Proud school administrator Judy Morgan called their achievement "amazing" - and we at the Readathon office definitely agree!

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