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Talbot Heath School Celebrates Another Successful Readathon

18 June 2013 at 10:52

Top Readathon readers at Talboth Heath SchoolIn an aeroplane, on the beach, in the bath and even up a tree… the girls in Upper 3 at Talboth Heath School in Bournemouth have been reading at every opportunity to help raise as much money as possible for Readathon.

"The 43 girls in the year group read over 300 books between them and raised nearly £900," reports the school's official Readathon organiser, Claire Boyington. 

As always the English faculty recognized individual achievements by giving three kinds of award: best fundraising, most books read and most literary books read. Each prizewinner received a Waterstones token and a certificate. More information is available on their school website. 

Talbot Heath is an independent girls' school in Bournemouth, Dorset for primary and secondary pupils.

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Next academic year, Readathon will be providing two £5 book tokens to every school raising more than £50, thanks to the generosity of National Book Tokens.

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Reading's a Pleasure at Talbot Heath

11 June 2012 at 11:35

Girls from Talbot Heath who took part in ReadathonYear 7 girls at Talboth Heath School, Bournemouth, completed a spectacularly successful Readathon last term, reading 230 books between their two classes and raising over £900. 

The English Department added extra impetus to the school's Readathon by awarding prizes for the best achievers in terms of fundraising, reading the most books, and literary merit. The school also gave a special thank you to the girls' parents for their continued support with fundraising and promoting reading in school and at home.

We'd like to add to that a huge thanks and congratulations to everyone who took part - including the English Department who organised it and motivated everyone so effectively! What a team!

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