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Year 7 Students Read Stacks For Readathon

02 May 2012 at 10:22

Photo of Y7 girl reader at The Hayling CollegeYear 7 students at The Hayling College, Hampshire, are having a great time with their first ever Readathon, launched on World Book Day (1st March). So far the 104 pupils have read 423 books, racking up over £1,000 in sponsorship pledges and earning £200 worth of free books for their school library.

The keenest reader, pictured here, has read an astonishing 38 books, ranging from abridged Shakespeare to Anthony Horowitz. She said: "I read all the time but now there’s even more reason because it’s helping to raise money for charity."

Even relucatant readers have been transformed into bookworms by the buzz of Readathon. Said one: ‘I’d never read, but I made an effort as it was for charity – now I can’t stop reading."

All the children have twice weekly 25-minute sessions to read towards their Readathon challenge as well as an hour every fortnight, but they are all making their own time to get ahead.  

"Our pupils have adored the challenge of Readathon," says Lorraine Corram, Head of English at The Hayling College. "This is the first year we have participated, and we have had such an amazing response."

(Photo by kind courtesy of The News, Portsmouth)

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