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New Year, New Database

03 January 2012 at 10:12

Logo for Hostpipe - provider of new Readathon databaseThe New Year sees the arrival of a new database at Readathon to manage the charity's dealings with the thousands of schools all over the United Kingdom who take part in the Readathon sponsored reading scheme.

Prudent and timely investment in this new technology will make Readathon's administration even more efficient and cost-effective than it is already. This means that more of the charity's funds can be spent helping seriously ill children, and on encouraging all children to read for pleasure, rather than on office costs. Pleasingly, commissioning the new database turned out to cost less than maintaining the old one! 

"The database has been custom-designed to suit our organisation and the needs of our supporters, so we are really looking forward to the longer term benefits it will bring to us all," reports Readathon Office Administrator Debbie Young.

"We will be able to respond faster when schools request their free Readathon resource packs - and despatch thank-you packs (and free book vouchers!) more swiftly to schools that have sent us their sponsorship money. As with any new computer system, things may take a little longer initially, while we transfer all the data across, so apologies in advance for any delay or teething troubles!"

The new system has been designed by Hostpipe, a specialist company local to Readathon's office in Gloucestershire. Hostpipe also created the new Read for Good website, launched in September 2011.

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