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Don't Forget GiftAid!

GiftAid is a goverment scheme to help registered charities like Readathon boost their funds. It allows UK taxpayers to increase the value of their charitable donations by 25%. For every £10 a sponsor donates,the government gives us another £2.50.And it doesn't cost the sponsor a penny extra!

Here's What To Do

Sponsorship card showing GiftAid detailsAll the sponsor has to do is complete their name and address on the sponsorship form and tick the GiftAid box. You return your pupils' completed forms to us, and we show them to the taxman to make our claim.

As you can imagine, this extra 25% soon mounts up, enabling us to help even more seriously ill children. Last year, we raised £69,726 through GiftAid. How wonderful is that?!

How To Explain GiftAid to Pupils

GiftAid logoPlease explain to the children what they must ask their sponsors to do.To help make the explanation more interesting, we've developed a fun mock-up of a form completed by characters in children's stories. There's a copy of it towards the back of your Readathon organiser's folder, or you can download it here: Gift Aid Explained.

By the way, in case you're wondering, please be assured that we don't use sponsors' personal details for any other purpose than to validate our GiftAid claim.

Thank you so much for your help with this detail - this small step makes a big difference!