Sponsored Reads for Home Educators

Challenge your children with our fun sponsored read and help children in hospital!

We are inviting children taught at home (and their parents/carers!) to take part in an amazing reading adventure. We’ve been helping schools to run Readathon’s sponsored read for 30 years, and we want children educated at home to be able to join the fun and enjoy the benefits too. We know that children are really motivated to read when they are raising money for other children. Plus, our research shows that Readathon encourages reluctant readers to read more, encourages avid readers to challenge themselves further and improves attainment. It’s also a great activity for Duke of Edinburgh, Guiding, Scouting etc.

Which challenge will your child/children take on?

  • The Hungry Word Worm: how many pages, chapters or books, can you read in two weeks or a month?
  • The Round-The-Clock Reader: how many minutes can you read in a day, a week or a month? It could be anything from 10 minutes to 100 minutes or even more?
  • The Story Explorer: challenge yourself to read a whole book or read something you wouldn’t normally choose.

Here are some handy tips, downloads and ideas to make your Readathon go with a swing!

Warning – Books can change your life poster

Today I am reading poster

Pupil certificate

Great ideas to get kids reading